Scholarships and College Grants for Forensic Scientists

Apart from being an interesting field to get into, order forensic science finds ample financial support from the government, various professional organizations, and foundations that are genuinely interested in ensuring that justice prevails and our streets are as free of crime as possible.

If you see yourself as a future Poirot or Holmes, the least you can do is to scour the net nicely and come up with enough clues and giveaways on the scholarships and grants best suited to your education requirements. There will be many scholarships and grants not directly related to forensic science but will have certain eligibility criteria that you could well meet. For instance, there are scholarships for African Americans, companies sponsoring wards of employees, grants from local organizations, etc.

Colleges that offer courses in forensic science will also usually sponsor or provide departmental scholarships for students of forensics.

The Ellis R. Kerley Forensic Sciences Foundation is a charitable organization that is committed to the development of forensic anthropology. It sponsors a scholarship for masters or doctorate degree in physical anthropology or forensic anthropology. This scholarship is a good example of funding aimed at a particular specialization within the field of forensic science. As you ensure funding sources from various sources, look for ones that are easier to obtain – such as funds from local benefactors in your area, and awards for which you qualify more readily.

Certain scholarships may stress student’s contribution to the field of forensics, so if you have prior work experience you have a better chance with these awards. The Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners is an organization that runs the AFTE Scholarship Program and awards merit-based scholarships to students seeking a career in forensic science. It’s an example of a scholarship where renewals at the end of the year are not automatic and you are expected to apply each year for the scholarship.

Masters of Forensic Science Degree Programs

Argosy University
MA: Forensic Psychology
Argosy University – The Argosy University MA in Forensic Psychology degree is designed to offer individuals with law enforcement experience advanced education in forensic psychology. The online format enables the flexibility and freedom demanded by today's working professionals. Graduates apply clinical, counseling, and neuropsychology skills in the criminal justice system.
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