How To Become A Forensic Scientist? General Info

As you would have probably guessed, being a forensic scientist means taking a lot of science subjects. It is part of forensic scientist qualifications to be well versed in different fields in science in order to make it in the profession. That is the reason why if you are young and you are interested in the world of solving crime, then you better start taking as many science subjects as you can as early as high school. Yes, chemistry and biology are basic but you may want to expose yourself to physics and calculus as well – sciences that are heavy in math because you will need it if you are to be a forensic scientist in the future. Besides, you will be encountering those subjects again as soon as you hit college. It is better to have a background on it now.

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If you are sure that forensic science is for you, then go to a college or a university that has an undergraduate degree on forensic science. Usually, it would mean taking either chemistry or biology and then have some subjects that tackle forensic applications and criminal justice. The great thing about entering a forensic science university right away is that you will surely meet all the qualifications when you are applying for a job after college. There are even universities that offer an on the job training so that the students are given the opportunity to conduct forensics research in an actual laboratory.

Another option when you go to college is to get into a course that is heavy on biology or chemistry. Depending on your interest, pick a science that works for you. Let us say for instance that you are very much interested in human DNA, you may want to try for molecular biology and genetics. These studies are very important in forensic science and increase your chances of landing a job in this field. As a molecular biologist or as a geneticist, you will satisfy the requirements.

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Once you have graduated and you have a degree, you have the option to start working right away or to attend an MSFS graduate program for 2 years. Just like taking your masters after you graduate, attending the MSFS program greatly increases your chances of employment as you become more competitive due to your qualifications. It also makes you a prime candidate of being promoted to a supervisorial position. This does not mean of course that students with a bachelor degree in forensic science will not be employed or considered because they only have the basic requirements. It just makes sense for those with an MSFS degree to be given more attention due to their educational attainment.

Science is the key in order to be a forensic scientist. It is one of the basic requirements that must be met if one wishes to pursue a career in this field.