Forensic Jobs

A job in the forensic field can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Many would be surprised to know that forensic jobs are not just limited to crime scenes, but cover the entire scope of actions or deliberations within a court of law. Therefore, various fields of work or occupations can be adapted and used within the forensic field to assist in court trials and proceedings.

Forensic Photography

Forensic photography is one field in forensics that is used quite often for crime scene photographs. These individuals are required to take pictures of homicides, thefts, and other types of crime scenes that will help provide a representation in court of what the crime scene looked like. It is vital that those in this field have an eye for detail and do not miss any important pieces of evidence with the camera. The forensic photographer plays a vital role in providing evidence for many court cases, especially those of homicide.

Forensic Psychology

The field of forensic psychology is a field that has become increasingly popular with so many crime scene and police shows on television or in movies. A forensic psychologist is one that uses his or her expertise in psychology to analyze crimes and provide an expert opinion in a criminal case. This type of job may require a psychologist to make evaluations of the mental state of criminals as well as provide insight into the mind of someone that would commit a vicious crime. In addition, these psychologists may also complete evaluations in child custody hearings.

Forensic Science

Forensic science is when the field of science and criminal court cases intersect. Many shows such as Crime Scene Investigators, or CSI, show how forensic science plays a part in determining how a criminal act was committed as well as finding vital evidence proving the guilt or innocence of those accused of a crime. This job can includes processes such as fingerprint analysis, identifying types of weapons used within a crime, analyzing substances found at crime scenes, and even reconstructing a crime scene. All of these provide evidence in court cases of how a person committed a crime.

Forensic Accounting

Since money and greed can be the motivations in many criminal acts that are committed, it is no surprise that the court system hires accountants to do many types of analysis of financial cases. Forensic accounting covers a plethora of audits in cases where the court is working to determine sources of money, where money has been spent, and if illegal actions have been taken in public cases where money belonged to state or national governmental entities. Their work helps to reveal cases of embezzlement, hidden money, concealing money, and money laundering.

All forensic fields of work play a vital role in solving criminal cases in court. Although criminal acts may be isolated to police investigations, these investigations necessitate a level of expertise from those in other fields such as psychology, science, accounting, and photography. As these individuals work with teams of criminal investigators, courts can work more effectively at prosecuting guilty individuals and justice is served successfully in criminal cases.