All About Forensic Science Careers

Forensic science careers are hot right now and this is in no small part thanks to their increased visibility. The plethora of television shows that glamorize this profession have piqued public interest in these careers and rightly so. Who doesn’t want to be a hero and catch the bad guy?

Forensic Science

Before you learn about careers in this field, you should know exactly what forensic science is. Simply put, forensic science is just the use of scientific knowledge to help further legal proceedings. This broad term encompasses any branch of science that is used in this way. Some examples of branches of science that are included under the bigger forensic science heading are biology, chemistry, dentistry, medicine, and engineering.

Forensic Scientists

Forensic scientists tend to limit themselves to a specific discipline within forensic science. The field is far too large for one person to be an expert in each and every aspect of this massive profession. Some of the more common specializations within forensic science include engineering sciences, jurisprudence, pathology, psychology, and toxicology.

If you were planning to have a career as a forensic scientist then you should know that you will probably have to narrow the scope of your studies to one or two specializations. The far from exhaustive list just presented gives you some small idea of just how much information and study is encompassed by the phrase forensic science. You can’t do it all.

Forensic Science In Practice

Forensic science is usually categorized as either medical, field, or laboratory services. Many of the television shows that you see will focus primarily on field services and laboratory services. Take a closer look at these two applications of forensic science and how they play out.

Field services are when the scientists are at the scene of the crime collecting evidence and making observations. Field service scientists may investigate any crime scene including drug labs and the scenes of fires or explosions. The term field science really applies to any time forensic science is used out in the field.

Laboratory services are also seen on television. The majority of the tests run and the toxicology reports are completed in labs. The lab is where the best equipment is stashed.

Forensic science careers cross many scientific disciplines. If it is scientific and can be used to solve a crime then it belongs under the heading of forensic science. All this work is done to find the truth and often times to catch the bad guy.

Masters of Forensic Science Degree Programs

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