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Published by Jennifer on June 03, 2010

Forensic science is the use of science as it relates to the justice and legal system. To learn more about forensic sciences, you can begin at the crime scene, study the forensic processes — which can include psychology, criminal profiling and photography among other subjects — and study medical procedures as well as legal policies in various situations. Another arena to pursue includes digital forensics, or the science of catching hackers and white collar crime.

The following list of the top 50 forensic science blogs includes all those topics and more. Each link is listed alphabetically and leads directly to a recently updated blog.

Crime SceneOn the Scene

  1. Crime Scene: Jennifer Lebovich and Andrea Torres bring their perspectives on the Miami crime front for readers.
  2. Crime Scene Cleanup: Learn about the science behind what it takes to clean up various crime scenes after investigators leave the scene.
  3. Crime Scene KC: While this blog covers local crime scene news, it also searches for strange stories from around the county and takes tips.
  4. Crimescene Blog: Frank Girardot, Metro Editor for the San Gabriel Valley Newspapers, takes readers behind the yellow tape with perspectives on true crime, cold cases and more.

FingerprintThe Forensic Process

  1. All About Forensic Psychology: David Webb uses this blog to showcase and review the very best forensic psychology information on the Internet.
  2. Criminal Profiling: Learn about criminal justice, offender profiling, victimology, serial killers and forensic psychology news at this blog.
  3. Deception Blog: Learn more about the applications of psychological research on deception.
  4. Forensic Incident Response: Learn more about forensics, incident response, methodologies and more originating from real-world investigations.
  5. Forensic Photoshop: Ever wonder about the forensic uses for Adobe’s Photoshop? Learn about it from this blog.
  6. Forensic Science: The forensic department at the University of Florida blogs about its discoveries.
  7. Forensic Science Blog: Learn more about forensic sciences from this comprehensive blog.
  8. Forensics Talk: This blog is maintained by an independent forensic and legal nurse consultant.
  9. Imaging Forensics: Learn about forensic image analysis, digital imaging and photography.
  10. In the News: Dr. Karen Franklin is a forensic psychologist who blogs about forensic psychology, criminology and psychology law.
  11. The Daily Profiler: Learn more about the science of profiling from the Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency.
  12. The Forensic Science Blog: This blog about forensic science is provided by the law firm of McShance Firm, LLC.
  13. The Writer’s Forensics Blog: Dr. D. P. Lyle writes fiction, and he has worked with writers of popular television shows such as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, Diagnosis Murder, Women’s Murder Club and more.
  14. Zeno’s month: Zeno Geradts writes about his experiences as a forensic scientist.

DNA ProfilingThe Medical Side of Forensics

  1. Digital Pathology Blog: This blog focuses on the digital pathology community.
  2. Florida Innocence Project: IPF has been screening, investigating, placing and litigating innocence cases, based upon DNA, since 2003.
  3. Forensic DNA Testing Blog: DDC (DNA Diagnostics Center) staff and clients can post issues, concerns, answers, and questions regarding forensic DNA testing at this blog.
  4. Forensic Medicine Resources: This blog provides an ‘e-resource’ for forensic medicine, pathology and science.
  5. Forensic Medicine for Medical Students: This blog, part of a larger UK site, focuses on forensic medical procedures, including autopsies.
  6. Forensic Science for Nurses: This blog is about forensic nursing science, written by a registered nurse teaching emergency and forensic nursing.
  7. it is NOT junk: An evolutionary biologist at UC Berekley and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute focuses on genomes, DNA, evolution, open science and other important matters.
  8. Morbid Anatomy: This blog focuses on death and culture, art and medicine. It is part of the Morbid Anatomy Library.
  9. Neuropathology Blog: Learn about neuroanatomy, neurodegenerative disease, muscle and nerve disorders, ophthalmologic pathology and anything else that might be of interest to a blue-collar neuropathologist.
  10. Pathtalk: Learn more about pathology and laboratory medicine through case examples and more.

CryptanalysisComputer Forensics

Note: A pen test, or pentest, is a “penetration test,” a method to test the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source.

  1. A Geek Raised by Wolves: A relaxed blog that combines personal interests with information about the computer forensics field.
  2. Binary Intelligence: Read about digital forensics, pentesting, electronic investigations and the computer underground at this blog.
  3. CYB3RCRIM3: Read this blog for observations on technology, law and lawlessness.
  4. Didier Stevens: Read about the thoughts, discoveries and perspectives of a “9-5 security researcher.”
  5. Forensic Computing: Mike, a computer scientist who specializes in in the domain of forensic computing, maintains this blog.
  6. Offensive Computing: There is a warning on this site that the site contains samples of live malware, so use discretion. That said, this site also conducts analysis of unknown and suspicious files.
  7. SANS Computer Forensics: If you want to gain insight into computer forensics, digital investigations, and incident response, this blog might fit the bill.
  8. The Cover of Night: This blog’s title says it all…using this strategy to understand that the “adversary will strike when least expected.” The focus is on software.
  9. Volatility: Read this blog to learn more about volatile memory analysis research.

Criminal TrialIn Court

  1. Criminal Justice Online: This blog focuses on supplying criminal justice practitioners, students and academics with online information and resources.
  2. CrimProf Blog: Kevin Cole, Dean and law professor at the University of San Diego School of Law, offers his perspectives on criminal law at this blog.
  3. Death Penalty is: This blog tackles the death penalty issue from both sides, hoping for a healthy debate on the issue.
  4. Expert Witness Blog: JurisPro Inc. maintains the most substantive directory for expert witnesses available. This is their blog.
  5. Finlaw Legal Blog Network: This slew of law blogs can provide you with the latest in legal news and information for both consumers and legal professionals.
  6. Forensic Focus Blog: Jamie Morris, from Forensic Focus, provides his thoughts and musings on computer forensics in this blog.
  7. ForensicKB: A blog about computer forensics, malware analysis and digital investigations.
  8. Sentencing Law and Policy: This blog is provided by Douglas Berman, a William B. Saxbe Designated Professor of Law at Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University.
  9. The Charles Smith Blog: Harold Levy, a former journalist, focuses on forensic pathology’s failures to bring accurate evidence to the courtroom.
  10. The Criminal Defense Blog: This blog is all about criminal defense lawyers educating consumers.
  11. The Depravity Scale: Depravity Scale research aims to distinguish the specific evidence — the intents, actions, and attitudes of a given crime — that warrants the most severe sentences.
  12. Unsolved — In the News: This blog mainly features unsolved missing and unidentified persons cases, generally not recent.
  13. White Collar Crime Prof Blog: This blog about white collar crime is provided by Professor Ellen S. Podgor from the Stetson University College of Law.

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