How to watch your favorite crime shows for free

Published by admin on April 06, 2010

CSI, prescription Monk, cialis Bones, no rx The Mentalist, Law and Order – with so many great crime shows, it’s easy to miss one while watching the other. Fortunately, a few new websites have sprung up to meet the demand and have your favorite shows for free. And, they’re legal.

Project-Free TV

Project – Free TV has a long list of shows and have easy-to-find links to each season available. Links tell you the loading time, whether it’s available in HD, the host, and when it was submitted. If something goes wrong or the video is of poor quality, just report the problem with an easy click. And, when you run out of TV shows (as if you could), they also have movies. The website functions by linking to content that has been uploaded to other online video hosting sites like Veoh, Megavideo, Youtube, and Google Video, which already have filters designed to eliminate illegal content.


Compared with the funky orange of Project-Free TV, Hulu is sleek and professional. You probably saw it advertised during one of your favorite shows already. Don’t worry, aliens aren’t in charge (I don’t think), but the fast downloads and selection are out of this world. You’ll have to put up with commercials before the shows come on, but after that it’s instant TV time. Within 10 seconds you’ll be watching Bones, no uploading or downloading necessary on your part.


Fancast takes its cues from Hulu, but isn’t quite as smooth on first look. But, it gets the job done after the obligatory commercial. Video quality varies, so HD lovers might want to head back to Hulu.


A little like Netflix, a little like Hulu, a little like Amazon oddly enough, Yideo has a lot of helpful extra bells and whistles compared with other video sites. It’s even on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Yideo appears to be where all websites are heading, but not all the content is free; there are some shows and movies you may have to pay for. You will also have to sign up for an account, but then the fun begins. You can create a queue for your must-see episodes, you can “Like” shows (think Facebook), you can create a personalized TV schedule to catch the latest episodes, and you can set it up to remind you via email when new episodes are available to watch. And, if you want to, you can let all your friends know what you are watching via Twitter and Facebook.

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